From responsibilities to responsibility: a study of the effects of translation workflow automation
by Sarah Herbert, Félix do Carmo, Joanna Gough and Anu Carnegie-Brown


Meaning no offense. The impact of anger on translation decision-making when dealing with offensive stereotypes
by Beatriz Naranjo


Epistemic modality in translated and non-translated English court judgments of Hong Kong: A corpus-based study
by Yanfang Su, Kanglong Liu and Andrew K. F. Cheung


Audio description from an easy-to-understand language perspective: A corpus-based study in Catalan
by Blanca Arias-Badia and Anna Matamala


L2 translation in Brazil: Results of a survey
by Rebecca Atkinson


Beyond the dialogue: A study of text-on-screen translation strategies in English-Spanish dubbed audiovisual products
by Noemí Barrera-Rioja


The flagship is here! Multimodal technical storytelling in localised corporate websites
by Parthena Charalampidou and Birgitta Meex


Translator status in history: a case of 19th-century diplomatic translators at the British Legation in China
by Yingying Zhang


Healthcare interpreting policy in China: Challenges, rationales, and implications
by Wanhong Wang


How a Chinese social media platform recontextualises Russian strategic narratives: A case study in news translation
by Rui Wang


Translating non-binary coming-out reports: Gender-fair language strategies and use in news articles
by Manuel Lardelli and Dagmar Gromann


Analysing theatre audio introductions: lexical complexity, gender bias in personal characteristics description and structural elements
by Alina Secară and Raluca Chereji


Quality in translation and adaptation for dubbing: Applied research in a professional setting
by Giselle Spiteri Miggiani



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Jinsil Choi interviews Jonathan Evans on doing interdisciplinary research on audiovisual translation

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David Orrego-Carmona interviews Lindsay Bywood on co-created audio description in museum settings

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